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First reward 220 satoshi, next 165 and next other 110. Each 10th reward is 220.

Dear friends, sorry for the low balance, we have some problems with transfer money to BTC. The problem will be solved within 24 hours.

    Bitcoin characteristics

    Bitcoin got several important features, different from other official currencies.

    bitcoin characteristics


    It's uncontrolled. Every machine, which is mine coins and support transactions, is a part of network and work together with other machines. That means nobody can control coins in network and kill the system, taking all money. Also if part of machines will be off, it's not affect significantly on bitcoins system work.

    It's easy to install

    To get a bank account you should prepare a lot of papers, then get a bank approve in few days/weeks. But you can start to use bitcoins in few seconds, without any papers and waiting, and no fees or taxes.


    You may use as much wallet addresses as you want, without personal data binding.

    It's a fully transparent system

    Bitcoin saves all transactions details in network, all that happened. It's called a blockchain transactions log.

    If you use a public address, anybody knows how much you have in wallet, but they don't know owner of it. There are few things, which help you to decrease a network transparency, for example,  you may not use a constant bitcoin address and separate withdrawals to different wallets.

    Small fees

    A standard bank take a big fee for international money transfer, but not a bitcoin system.

    Transactions speed

    You may send bitcoins anywhere and they reach a target wallet in few minutes, and transaction is supported by network power.

    Transactions cannot be denied

    When you send bitcoin you will not be able to cancel the payment only if the recipient himself will return the money back.