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    The types of bitcoin wallets

    There are 3 ways to create a bitcoin wallet:

    1. Download & install a desktop wallet
    2. Use online wallet
    3. Create it on trade engine (currency exchange)

    There are positive and negative features of each way. In details below.

    Desktop wallet

    desktop bitcoin wallet

    To find and download wallet, you should visit a following page

    Select software you need and download it.


    1. It's a secure way, because wallet is located on your desktop, so you will face problem only if you lost your PC
    2. You may set a transfer fee by yourself
    3. You have all settings of wallet, nobody knows it


    1. It takes a lot of time to synchronize data when you open a wallet in 1st time. If you don't use it every day a synchronization will take much time in every launch
    2. If you lost wallet file (wallet.dat) the currency get lost forever. It's recommended to perform a wallet backup

    Online wallet

    coinbase bitcoin wallet

    This wallet is created immediately without any synchronization. You should register on site to create it. You may try for example on


    1. It's secured too if you lost wallet login/password, all currency will gone
    2. You may put currency to different wallets
    3. You may set a transfer fee
    4. An easy wallet creation


    1. All data is saved in database of site owner
    2. It has less functions than desktop wallet

    Trading (currency exchange)

    cryptocurrency exchange

    Some folks are using wallets on cryptocurrency trade engines to save some time and avoid useless transfers between desktop/online wallet and exchange site wallet. You may create such wallet on EXMO.COM

    As well as bitcoin wallet you may create also dogecoin, dash, litecoin and ethereum wallets. To work with trade engine you should register on homepage.


    1. You may refill balance with any currency and exchange to bitcoins inside
    2. You may exchange bitcoins to any currency and withdraw it


    1. A trade engine may hold your withdrawal if you refill balance with some restricted payment systems
    2. A transfer fee is configured by trade engine you can't affect on it
    3. You can't create few addresses and separate currency between
    4. Your currency is a property of trade engine
    5. A minimal refill/withdrawal is might be set a currency lower than minimal is ignored and can't be withdrawn

    If you have questions you may ask in comments.